I wake up early. I drink coffee. I work hard. I’m ambitious. I have my priorities straight. I do what I love. I love what I do.

I create strong visual concepts that spark the imagination, create excitement and show ambition. I listen, research & challenge. I keep it simple and I make it clear.

Through creative insight and conceptual thinking, I am dedicated to creating more value for clients. Direct contact with the clients throughout the project is important to me. Together we start by pulling the problems apart, then we mould new and effective design solutions that deliver the message in a unique way. Through collaboration I can select a team best suited to solve the given challenge. By working like this I can deliver the highest quality in all parts of the project. I work across a variety of media and fields, ranging from branding through to digital design and photography. I offer both design and design consultancy, and may be hired for complete deliveries or as part of an external team.

Currently Global Design Manager for Dentons, the largest law firm in the world.